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* Auto auctions, before buying a car on which,
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More than 60% of cars sold at US auctions have
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Sample report

What information does Carfax provide?

Ownership History - the history of car ownership, it is indicated how many owners were, in which states, the latest mileage readings, the approximate mileage of the car per year.

Additional History - additional history, contains records of some incidents during the operation of the car, such as expiration of warranty, road accidents, damage, recallable company of the manufacturer.

Detailed History - a detailed, detailed history of the car, contains all the information about the sale and purchase, maintenance, participation in an accident, as well as the actual mileage is indicated opposite some events. Information is presented in a separate table for each owner, allowing you to better understand how the vehicle of interest was used.

Main part - Detailed History tables for people buying damaged cars from the USA and Canada. This part of the report identifies participation in the accident with a description of the nature of the damage and some details of the accident, which may provide a more detailed understanding of the severity of the damage, the severity of the necessary repairs and possible hidden damage.

What is Carfax Report?

If you are planning to buy a car from America and want to reliably protect yourself, our company "AutoFinder" offers to buy a Carfax report, which will describe the entire history of the operation of the purchased car. This is the first step you need to take to fulfill your old dream.

Why should you contact us?

Contact our professional auto experts to find out all the ins and outs of a car from the USA using the VIN number. Buying Carfax from us means getting: · the most reliable and complete information about the vehicle of interest only from reliable, trusted sources; · Assistance of a team of experienced specialists who understand all the nuances and know the "pitfalls"; · The highest level of service and Carfax-report in the shortest possible time. Still, have questions? Contact our employees and they will tell you how to buy Carfax at an inexpensive price, as well as provide detailed advice.

Content of the report

The entire report is structured by sections, which helps to get an idea of the history of the car more clearly and clearly. Each of the five sections contains specific information. Below we will take a closer look at each of them and highlight the most important points.

Information about the number of owners

This block of the CarFax report contains information on the owners. On the left is the data on the car when the car belonged to the first owner. Shows the year of purchase, type of ownership, time of ownership, state/city where the vehicle was operated, estimated one year's mileage, and most recent odometer readings. On the right, the same data for the second owner is indicated. This section is extremely useful for those who want to check Vin cars for mileage fraud or verify the number of car owners.

Vehicle condition

This section contains information about the condition of the car at the time of ownership by each of the previous owners. Each column is responsible for one of the drivers. If you see an exclamation mark (ALERT!) In a red triangle in the upper block, this means that the block contains important information, which, as a rule, indicates that the car has had some kind of damage or malfunction.

Are there any free reports?

Surely, in the process of searching for information about this report, you have found offers to receive it for free. We hasten to assure you that you will not receive a free full report in this way. The maximum that you can be provided is the first block with general information to encourage you to purchase this report. Remember that the database service is a paid, private property, the resale of which is prohibited by intellectual property law and protected at the state level.